A true comedian, and a game changer, Robin Williams

A true comedian, and a game changer, Robin Williams

Any film produced before 1995, got impressions about to have a solid story, choreography, actors, and actresses. Don’t know what to say but the art of a comedian can make a movie from a hit to a blockbuster, Robin Wiliams is the name of a masterpiece. A lot of pundits said about the skill or by born qualities any human being will get and to nurse that toward his or her lifetime to give and get respect, money, fame and moreover to become a brand. Few names and their duties toward their job has been done by a lot but to remember the best, that’s the point. No one knows a name today but after 10 years a name might become a brand for his great work. Now, we can talk about a name who becomes a brand of comedy not only in the movie industry but won all heart whoever is that person might be.

A true comedian, and a game changer, Robin WilliamsRobin Williams, the stand-up comedian became a brand of comedy and with all name and fame, chose to go with suicide as the only way of getting out of his life. His wife told as he was living in a separate room as he had sleeping problems. Also he was very sober before his death for almost 8 years although Robin had been suffering “a recent increase in paranoia”. An examination of his brain tissue revealed that the presence of “diffuse Lewy body dementia.” Describing the disease as “the terrorist inside my husband’s brain”, his wife Susan Schneider stated, “however you look at it—the presence of Lewy bodies took his life,” referring to his previous diagnosis of Parkinson’s.

Actually, that’s the part of his destiny, not his part of great works. The Chicago, Illinois boy whose father was a senior executive of Ford Motor Company, made the rule of comedy movies by his great works. He didn’t follow the rules whether he will find a role or not, although he made his decision to grab the mic and rule the stand-up comedy. Influencers like Jonathan Winters, Peter Sellers, Lenny Bruce became his routine favorites. With the Grammy award by 1979, some of his show tickets were sold out within 30 minutes after release.

In movies, one of the greatest work in “Night at the museum” and all of its sequels until 2014. The acting master showed his one of a kind acting skills with perfectness, completeness and moreover the real beauty of a character that you will get addicted to. One of my friends said about his part in the movie as “The sequel, I was missing him and the next one, I found him and saw the movie as I got the movie as a sequel”. He was very excited like millions of his fans whether he is in the movie to complete its version.

A true comedian, and a game changer, Robin Williams

The monster career of this great showman will always be remembered where Robin Williams is with us or not. We always said just like his wife the last few words “Good night my love, good night….”. A true legend who gave birth of an era of comedy to fulfill the taste of a film to watch and to remember.  

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