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Who is Ashley Johnson?

Ashley Suzanne Johnson (born August 9, 1983) is an American actress, voice actress and singer. A long time ago, she was best known for her two-season role as Chrissy Seaver in the TV show Growing Pains.

Once she started voice acting also, she became more popular than before. Her roles include Teen Titans (as Terra), Recess (as Gretchen Grundler), Ben 10: Alien Force (as grown-up Gwen), The Last of Us (as Ellie), inFAMOUS: First Light (as Jenny), Petra in Minecraft: Story Mode, and Jumanji (as Peter Shepherd).

Often paired with Greg Cipes. Also has guest-starring roles in Dollhouse, The Mentalist, and CSI. She appears in Marvel’s The Avengers (2012) directed by Joss Whedon, The Help, and an adaptation of William Shakespeare‘s Much Ado About Nothing which Whedon filmed afterward. On the Geek & Sundry channel, she had a lead role in the Web Video series Spooked, and, when her filming schedule allows her, appears alongside several voice-over actor friends in Critical Role, a Dungeons and Dragons campaign played live that was taken from their weekly campaigns, as Pike Trickfoot. She got a special role in the NBC series Blindspot as the forensic scientist Patterson.

She attends the International School of Music, where she studies Violin, Piano; and also plays guitar and cello. When not acting or studying music, Johnson co-runs the photography company Infinity Pictures, with her friend, production assistant Mila Shah. She loves to snowboard and surf, was taught to sail by her father, and from her childhood, she is an avid video game player.

Personal Life:

Ashley JohnsonJohnson was born in Camarillo, California, the youngest daughter of Nancy Spruiell Johnson, an independent film producer, and Clifford Johnson, the captain of an exploration ship. Her father died in July 2000 from Hepatitis C and cancer. She is mix of Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, Irish, Scottish, and Native American descent. As she was nine days old, her father got a new job and the family moved right away to Franklin, Michigan. Johnson graduated from high school at 15 years of age. Johnson studied violin and piano at the International School of Music; she also plays guitar and cello.

Johnson’s older brother, Chris, worked on the television show called The District. Her older sister Haylie Johnson is best known for her role as Haylie on Kids Incorporated. Haylie is married to Jonny Lang.

Johnson has been in a relationship since 2012 with Brian Wayne Foster, an American writer, poet and singer. Ashley has an older brother named Chris who works on the hit CBS series The District (2000) and an older sister named Haylie Johnson, who is an actress and a musician. Her mother, Nancy Johnson, is an independent film producer.

Since childhood, Ashley was raised in a musical family that goes on from generations. Her grandmother was famous concert pianist Evelyn Taft, also known as Evelyn Johnson. Ashley is classically trained in piano and also plays the guitar and the ukulele.

In a snapshot:

  • 1983 -Born in Camarillo, California.
  • 1990- Debuted in a film called Lionheart
  • 1990- Debuted in a TV series called Growing Pains
  • 1997- She graduated from high school.
  • 1998- Gave her voice on the cartoon movie The First Snow of Winter
  • 2000- Her father died for cancer
  • 2012- Started relationship with Brian Wayne Foster, an American writer, poet and singer.
  • 2013- BAFTA award for performing Best Voice Actress in The Last of Us
  • 2014- BAFTA award for performing Best Voice Actress in The Last of Us: Left Behind

Her childhood appearance

Johnson’s career began at the age of six only, when she played the role of Chrissy Seaver on the sitcom, Growing Pains from 1990 to 1992. Before she was even twenty-one years old, Ashley had already been a part of the casts of 8 different TV series that time which reflects her genuine quality from her childhood. Graduated when she was only 15 and started going to GCC at 16 to get her Gen. Ed. out of the way. She is going to major in cinematography when she gets some time off from work.

Unknown stories of her life

  • She is a former Jr. Michigan
  • She is Swedish, English, and Native American.
  • She loves to snowboard and surf and she is an avid gun shooter.
  • Has a rock star for a brother-in-law; Jonny Lang.
  • Had a breakout role on Growing Pains, when she was only 6, and has acted steadily ever since.


Joss Whedon cast Ashley in “Much Ado About Nothing” after witnessing her small but pivotal role as a New York waitress fate hinges on whether or not Captain America can save her in Marvels “The Avengers”.

Ashley also performed in the Oscar-nominated movie “The help”, starring alongside Octavia Spencer, Emma Stone, Viola Davis and Jessica Chastain. She also portrayed Ellie, the deuteragonist in the critically acclaimed video game “The last of us” providing both motion capture and voice acting.

Film appearances:

  • 1990- Lionheart as role of Nicole
  • 1995- Nine Months as role of Shannon
  • 1998- Dancer as role of Josie
  • 1999- Anywhere but Here as role of Sarah
  • 2000- What Women want as role of Alex
  • 2001- Recess:School’s Out as rolf of Grundler
  • 2001- Rustin as role of Lee Wolford
  • 2003- The Failures as role of Lilly
  • 2004- King of the Corner as role of Elena
  • 2005- Nearing Grace as role of Merna Ash
  • 2006- The Pity Card as role of Gretel
  • 2006- Fast Food Nation as role of Amber
  • 2006- Grad Night as role of Student
  • 2007- The Brothers Solomon as role of Patricia
  • 2008- Pie’n Burger as role of Holly
  • 2008- Otis as role of Riley
  • 2009- Spread as role of Eva
  • 2009- Punching the Clown as role of Tracy
  • 2010- Alleged as role of Rose
  • 2011- The Help as role of Mary
  • 2012- Avengers as role of Waitress Beth
  • 2015- Paradox as role of Sophie
  • 2015- When Marnie was there with additional voices
  • 2016- Punching Henry as role of Danielle
  • 2018- Weight as role of Liza
  • 2018- Juvenilles as role of Ms. Taylor

Television appearances:

  • 1990-1992- Growing Pains as Ellen
  • 1993- Men Don’t Tell as Cindy
  • 1993- In the Shadows as Blind Girl
  • 1993- The Town Santa Forgot as Granddaughter
  • 1993- Timmy’s Special Delivery as additional voices
  • 1993-1994- Phenom as Mary
  • 1994- All American Girl as Casey
  • 1995- Roseanne as Lisa
  • 1995-96- Annie: A Royal Adventure! As Annie
  • 1995-96- May be this time as Gracie
  • 1995- Mina and the count as Mina
  • 1996-98- Jumanji as Peter
  • 1997- Moloney as Kate
  • 1997- Wings as Rebecca
  • 1997-2001- Recess as Grundler
  • 1998- ER as Dana Ellis
  • 1999- Partners as Janie
  • 2000- The Growing Pains Movie as Seaver
  • 2001- Recess Christmas as Gretchen
  • 2002- Lloyd in Space as Violet
  • 2002- Roswell as Eileen
  • 2002- Ally Mcbeal as Serena
  • 2002- Providence as Daphne
  • 2002- Touched by an angel as Natalie
  • 2002- Guardian as Betsy
  • 2003- Recess: All Growed Down as Gretchen
  • 2003- Recess: Taking the fifth grade as Gretchen
  • 2003- Married to the Kellys as Shari
  • 2004- Growing Pains as Chrissy
  • 2004-06- Super Robot Monkey Team Hyperforce Go! As Jinmay
  • 2004-06- Teen Titans as Terra
  • 2004-06- King of the Hill as Emily
  • 2005- The X’s as Kimla
  • 2006- Lilo & Stitch: The series as Gretchen
  • 2007- Monk as Susie the Maid
  • 2007- CSI as Dreama Little
  • 2007- Heartland as Rebecca
  • 2008- Dirt as Sharlee
  • 2008- The Middleman as Eleanor
  • 2008- Raising the bar as Elise
  • 2008- The Mentalist as Clara
  • 2008- Ben 10: Alien Force as Mr. Smoothy Employee
  • 2009- Dollhouse as Wendy
  • 2010- Lie to Me as Valerie
  • 2010- Drunk history
  • 2010- Christmas Cupid as Jenny
  • 2010- Ben 10: Ultimate Alien
  • 2011- In plain sight as Sarah Collins
  • 2011- Pound Puppies as Gina
  • 2011- The Killing as Amber
  • 2012- Ben 10: Omniverse
  • 2013- Teen Titans Go! As Terra (voice)
  • 2013- Masters of sex as Flora
  • 2014- Garfunkel & Oates as Jane
  • 2015- Naruto Shippuden as Shiseru
  • 2015- Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as Renet (voice)
  • 2015- Blindspot as Patterson
  • 2016- Infinity Train as Tulip
  • 2018- The loud house as Stella

Video Games appearances as giving voice:

Although she appeared in an amount of TV series as well as a lot of movies, she gave her voice in several video games also. Like, Teen Titans, Ben10: (Alien Force, Vilgax Attacks, The rise of hex, Cosmic Destruction, Punch Time Explosion), Fusion Fall, The Last of us, Infamous First Fight, Tales from the Borderlands, Marvel Heroes, The Witness, Minecraft and so on.

Ashley Johnson

Lessons from her life

As she said, “I know you hear horror stories about child actors, but I think in my family when I did start acting it was never a big deal”.

She was that much serious about her acting since day one and also took a very good care of her career so now a day she is an anchor for a lot of newcomers who thinks as to start the career early in a tough schedule.

All it takes is about to start and go on with the gift you have. Your glamour and skill will focus after your hard work and Ashley Johnson already proved that. We will remember the good work & will focus forward to become like another or a million more Ashley. Share your thoughts & we will discuss more from there.

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