Blake Anderson Hanley, Emily Wickersham, Singer, Husband

A Famous Musician & a Husband of Emily Wickersham

A very power couple with Emily Wickersham, but as a musician Blake Anderson Hanley is a famous name among others for his numerous skills like songwriting, making music of that and so on.

Mostly, we want to know about Blake Anderson Hanley.

He is the Producer and songwriter of Deep Sea Sound Productions. Blake Anderson Hanley is a son of Daniel Hanley, who was an Australian rules footballer who played with Essendon in the Victorian Football League (VFL). By born, he is 36 years old. For a long time, he is in the music profession and gave a lot of great songs and also music for which he is famous for. Not only any songs or albums, he sometimes is playing a good role for movies as well.
For another reason, he is famous for is the Ghost Lion Band. Some of the songs of the band are:
Ghost Lion – Ballad of St. Panama Official Video
Ghost Lion “Wrong Guy”

Both the songs were written by the band, where most of the songwriting job is done by Blake Anderson Henley.
Blake Anderson Hanley, Emily Wickersham, Singer, Husband

About marriage of Blake Anderson Hanley and Emily Wickersham

A couple, Emily Wickersham and Blake Anderson Hanley, can be called as star couple as Emily is a very famous actress who acted in NCIS that was going on CBS and on the other hand, the famous musician. The special date was on November 23, 2010, and the venue was at the Little Palm Island in the Florida Keys. The entire program was designed and attended by almost 150 families and friend’s members and finally, they decided to stay and live in beautiful Los Angeles.
Blake Anderson Hanley, Emily Wickersham, Singer, HusbandSince their marriage, they have maintained a perfect relationship with them. However, there is not any news regarding their children. Apart from Blake, she has never been involved in any extramarital affairs and disputes. Currently, Emily and Blake are enjoying their married life and living very elegantly.
Blake Anderson Hanley, Emily Wickersham, Singer, Husband

Their recent life

It has already been several years that the couple got married but yet the couple does not have any children. However, the couple is still together and are much more focused towards their career rather than having kids. Likewise, the couple hasn’t been the part of controversy regarding their divorce.
Blake Anderson Hanley, Emily Wickersham, Singer, Husband


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