Matthew Gray Gubler, Dr. Spencer Reid, Spencer, Criminal Minds Spencer, Criminal Minds

Criminal Minds Spencer, Leading for all Seasons

One of the hit TV series Criminal Minds and its fictional character from the CBS Crime Drama, perfectly portrayed by the genius actor Matthew Gray Gubler as Dr. Spencer Reid. Spencer is a very genius character around all the seasons and who got an IQ of 187 and can read up to 20000 words every minute with a solid eidetic memory. He also can remember an exceedingly huge amount of important information with extraordinary detail from which he take the best out when necessary. Also, he is the youngest member of the FBI’s Behavioral Analysis Unit. All of his education and skills he got from his three BA, three PhD and also specializes in statistics and geographic profiling.

How many times was he shot on screen?

Matthew Gray Gubler, Dr. Spencer Reid, Spencer, Criminal Minds Spencer, Criminal MindsThroughout all the seasons, he took the leading role who was shot 3 times (in the Drama series). The first shot he got in his left knee while protecting a may be victim from a budding spree killer in “Nameless, Faceless” episode. The second one was in the left arm while trying to rescue his on screen girlfriend from her captor in “Zugzwang” episode and the last shot was to his neck while he was protecting Blake during a shootout with a suspect in “Angels” episode.

Starting his BAU career!

He showed a pretty much lack of interest of women interaction. From joining at the age of only 22 at BAU, his first case was that of Brian Matloff. Although he had a lot of problems with almost everything that’s related with books, which includes marksmanship, physical training and also in the obstacle courses. Finally, BAU had to make some special exceptions to get Spencer out in the duty.

Matthew Gray Gubler, Dr. Spencer Reid, Spencer, Criminal Minds Spencer, Criminal Minds

Some unknown facts about Dr. Spencer:

  • Reid never liked the beach.
  • At of the end of Season Five, Reid cut his hair, which drew initial sarcastic remarks from the other team members of the series.
  • He is a fan of Star Trek, Star Wars, and Doctor Who.
  • He is the only main character in the Drama series to appear in the opening sequence of every episode.
  • He likes soap operas.
  • He is a skilled illusionist.
  • He is the godfather to JJ’s older son, Henry and Morgan’s son, Hank.

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