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Eva Ekeblad for Vodka, The Name Comes Before ‘How to Make Potato Vodka’

She made it, Eva Ekeblad, is the name that will come century after century as for her innovation that is giving millions of vodka testers and the crazy ones to know how to make potato vodka.

Within a century, if you can make something that is out of any one’s creation, thinking or make be few generations will never think of that! Yes, we are talking about a product that came out of some ordinary woman, name Eva Ekeblad, and the item is vodka that was made out of potato. Can you imagine that as if someone was thinking about this creation long before we were born may be. She taught us ‘how to make potato vodka’, that made her name one of a google doodle as well because of the genius idea and today’s consumption scenario.

Eva Ekeblad, Swedish Vodka, Potato, how to make potato vodka, vodka

May be, if someone will ever ask you about to make some vodka out of potato, you know a very wise and simple answer to do that. There are few steps to

‘How to make potato vodka’!

Eva Ekeblad, Swedish Vodka, Potato, how to make potato vodka, vodka


Things you will need.

  • A chopping board
  • A sharp Knife
  • A large Saucepan
  • A large Barrel with an air lock
  • A long plastic spoon.
  • A jug
  • A Thermometer
  • A potato masher
  • 3/4 Jars
  • A couple of blankets
  • 1 x gallon Demi John
  • 1 x alcohol hydrometer for spirits
  • A charcoal filter which is Optional

Master recipe of making potato vodka

  • 10 lbs of Potatoes
  • 2.25 lbs Barley Malt
  • Yeast
  • 4.50 lbs of Sugar

After that, prepare your potato first

Eva Ekeblad, Swedish Vodka, Potato, how to make potato vodka, vodka

  • Sterilize all parts to start preparation. This will stop mould’s and bacteria infecting your brew.
  • Scrub the potatoes. Don’t peel.
  • Chop the potatoes in pieces as many as you can.
  • Boil until they will become very soft.
  • Strain the water out of them and pop them in your fermenter, we wrapped a blanket round ours to keep the heat in while I boiled up more potatoes. We boiled up almost 3 times to do all potatoes. So take a bigger size bowl to boil them at a time.
  • After that, mash them all and liquidize them & make them so smooth.

Making sugar from starches

  • Take the blanket off the fermenter and fill it up with a mixture of hot and cold water, you want to aim for a temperature of around 70 degrees C, if it’s hotter it doesn’t matter you will just have to wait for it too cool down, you want to take it up to just over the half marker.
  • Add all of the sugar with the potato to increase the yield and stir until dissolved. It’s all up to the drinker and maker that how they want to make it, with or without sugar. For this much of vodka making, please make sure you are getting at least 50% vodka from just potatoes when it’s all distilled.
  • Wait to make the water cool down to 66 degrees C for better barley malt. The enzymes will convert the starches into the potatoes into sugar. These sugars can then be used by the yeast later on which will convert them in to alcohol.
  • Within a bowl, put all barley malt and add water, stir it and add it to your fermenter when the temperature is around 66.
  • Give the fermenter a good stir and pop the lid on, wrap it in blankets to keep the heat in and leave it overnight, don’t forget to cover the top as a lot of heat is lost here.
  • Take the blankets out from the lid and allow that to start cooling.

Next step is to prepare the yeast

  • For making Yeast, use a sterilized jug half fill with liquid from the fermenter. Cool it down to 20-25 degree C.
  • Also make the fermenter cool down along with that.
  • Stir the yeast inside the jug until the fermenter has reached the working temperature. After that pour them from the jug and stir again.
  • Split wash and mash potato into 2 fermenters with airlocks.

In this step, you will do fermenting and racking

  • In this step, the maker will get solids that get forced to the top by the carbon dioxide that yeast produces and then mix them back in the liquid.
  • After that, the airlock will stop bubbling and the fermentation is complete. In here, all sugar has already turned into alcohol.
  • Pour all the liquid to filter out most of the solids for better taste.
  • The racking process, put the fermenters in a cool place for around 2 days.

Proper distillation

  • The more any maker will distill, the more its tasty and pure.
  • Siphon out the liquid in to the still, leave behind the solids at the very bottom, this is mostly yeast.
  • To remove the nasty tasting sulfides, put as much copper in the still.
  • The condenser need to be cold.
  • Ensure your condenser is cold, I use a Liebig so I made sure it had water running through it, this will condense the vapor back into liquid.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: Just dispose the first 50-80 ml, as this is mostly methanol which is not good for human body.
  • While making cuts, think about the taste first than anything else. We want the middle part known as the Hearts this is the best tasting and smoothest of the run. you can use a load of jars to keep 100ml at a time and then you can taste the flavors as they progress through the run.
  • IMPORTANT NOTE: you do not want ANY leaks in your still, this is very very dangerous, Alcohol vapor is denser than air and will drop to floor level, and if you are running your still on a gas burner BOOM! We made up a paste of flour and water and put it all around the leaking clamp, the heat from the still baked it on and stopped the leak.
  • The foreshots and tails will come but you have to keep them separate.
  • So that’s the first run, now all you have to do is run it 2 more times, Put water in your still enough to cover the element then put in your spirit and do the same again, take cuts, each time the hearts will be smoother.
  • Finally, check percentage of ABV of the final run with spirit hydrometer, using this you can water it down to drinking % around 40% (40 proof) should be about perfect.

Now you can drink

Eva Ekeblad, Swedish Vodka, Potato, how to make potato vodka, vodka

So, the final stage is to enjoy the just made vodka out of real potato. The process was discovered by the system of vodka companies are used to but in a home way. Now days every single year, millions of barrels of vodka are being consumed around the world.

What’s the lesson from Eva Ekeblad!

By following the steps, yes we are enjoying the idea that was found by Eva about 1746. She was the lady of a new born product that’s giving millions of drinker’s proper refreshment today. Not only that, her every innovation has been great and was certified by the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences. Let us remember and pray for this well creative genius so we will be blessed as well, like her…

Eva Ekeblad, Swedish Vodka, Potato, how to make potato vodka, vodka



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