Jessica Henwick Game of Thrones

Jessica Henwick Game of Thrones, Nymeria with her Bullwhip

Only 8 episodes, but the death scene of Jessica Henwick in Game of Thrones as Nymeria Sand was in a quick shot so the viewers will not miss this character as she was a famous face. Yes, six months, all together it took six complete months to try and to train herself to keep playing with a bullwhip. Jessica Henwick Game of Thrones, started playing as Nymeria Sand in the fifth season of the said famous TV series with her bullwhip.

Jessica Henwick, Game of Thrones, Sand, Nymeria Sand, Bullwhip

In the series, she is one of Oberyn Martell’s eight daughters known as the ‘Sand Snakes’ also as badly. ‘Sand’ and their father’s nickname ‘The Red Viper’. On the other hand, in the novels, she came from Oberyn (her father). A very brave woman from Volantis which is a free city on the continent Essos to the east of Westeros.

Jessica Henwick, Game of Thrones, Sand, Nymeria Sand, Bullwhip
About the bullwhip weapon, she said:

“Nymeria is the most strategic of the three sisters and I think her whip is very representative of her character. It’s not about brute force with a whip… it’s about balance and timing, precision and accuracy — and all those things are very much Nymeria…Because of our different personalities we have different ideas of how to get to that point. If Obara has an obstacle she goes right through it, whereas Nym will stop and look back and think first.”

‘What’s the way with which someone have to expend the least amount of energy to get through this obstacle?’- she asks herself.

As about Jessica Henwick Game of Thrones and Nymeria Sand, ”She’s observant, I’d say. I had six months between my first session and us actually getting round to filming the fight scene. I worked with Paul Shapcott, who is from New Zealand and worked on the Hobbit films.

About to learn how it work

He knew the bullwhip and he taught me how to hit targets. At one point he was throwing toilet rolls into the air and I was having to hit them out of the air… Other times he would put sticks in various positions around our rehearsal room and I’d have to go and wrap my whip around them, and then for the last one I’d have to lock it in place so I could actually pull the stick away.

It’s like learning to ride a bike — once you know it, you can always go back to it. It’s just about feeling the balance and the weight of it…Yeah! They made a proper whip for me that has a bronze handle. Made from kangaroo skin and it’s 8ft-long and it’s really heavy. She used that for all close up shots. Then for the majority of the fights, I used one that looked identical but the handle was rubber and plastic, rather than bronze.

It was a lot easier for me, said by Jessica Henwick Game of Thrones series; it didn’t throw me off balance. And then they did have a standby whip, the third whip, which was just a handle. They said, ‘This is in case it gets too dangerous,’ but actually I never really worked with that one. The whole time I said, ‘I’ve learnt it, I’ve learnt how to do it. Can I do it? ‘And they kept saying, ‘No you’re going to have to use the safety whip.’ But every time we got to set, I would use the real whip.”

About death of Nymeria Sand

While watching the second episode of seventh season, Jessica Henwick as Nymeria Sand was killed by the violent and vengeful Euron Greyjoy. After all we heard of as for a very busy schedule, she had to let the character go because of very tight schedules.

Jessica Henwick, Game of Thrones, Sand, Nymeria Sand, Bullwhip

While Nymeria was killed, the death scene was cut a bit short so it seems it was no less brutal to the film. “It was one of the few occasions where it was more intense on set than it will be on screen… For this, the audience can’t feel the heat on their face from the pyrotechnics going off or feel the wave machine trying to knock us off our feet, or the sweat dripping off our faces”, Jessica Henwick said.

Jessica Henwick, Game of Thrones, Sand, Nymeria Sand, Bullwhip

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Jessica Henwick Game of Thrones, Nymeria with her Bullwhip
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