Juan Gabriel, Juan Gabriel songs, Juan Gabriel best songs

Top 10 Juan Gabriel Songs

Juan Gabriel is a brand name, that touch million hearts with not only his songs, but the creations he gave to his million fans, is absolutely amazing and he will the pop king for Latin music.

Juan Gabriel, a name of a kind of a famous tone who gave a lot, but gained few as he deserved. His nickname as Juanga, well known for his flamboyant style that was the breaking walls of the latin music. For the Mexican composers and singers, he is pop icon forever.

Juan Gabriel, Juan Gabriel songs, Juan Gabriel best songs

He has got a sticker of best selling album of all-time in his home country of Mexico. Where the number is over 100 million worldwide. Lets check first his top songs from our archive as we can share:

1. Hasta Que Te Conoci

A great song by the famous Gabriel, that released by 1986 as Latin Pop and total length of the song was 7:30 minutes. For this song, writer, singer and producer was the Joan Gabriel himself. In the song, he describes living a happy life until he meets a lover where he learns the real meaning of suffering.

2. Abrázame Muy Fuerte

A song, that has length 4:02 minutes as Pop in Genre. This great song was released by the year 2000 and the songwriter was Juan by himself and produced by Bebu Sivetti. For this song, he was awarded for three Billboard Latin Music Awards.

3. No tengo dinero

From this song, by 1971 he tried to express the love he have inside of him and the express word for million fans. Also, this was the first Latin song that time that have a video attached with. The first few lines of this super hit song are:

  • “I have no money, nothing to give
  • I do not have money, only love to love
  • I have no money, nothing to give (you tell me)
  • I have no money, only love to love“

Juan Gabriel, Juan Gabriel songs, Juan Gabriel best songs

4. “Te Sigo Amando”

In this song, he gives one of his best to the Latin music and listeners and fans, on the greatness of his creation in music industry. ‘It’s hard to accept that I have to stay’, the very first line of the song that gives a magical attention to the listener.

5. “Te lo pido Por Favor”

A song from the album ‘Pensamientos’, produced and performed by Mexican singer and songwriter Juan Gabriel. There were 10 songs in the album and one of his most successful songs were into this. Other great songs of this album were “Doquiera Estás Tú”, “Ha Llegado un Angel”, “Amor es Amor”, “Yo No Sé Qué Me Pasó”, “Que Lástima”, “Sólo Sé Que Fue en Marzo”, “El Día Que Me Acaricies Lloraré”, “Así Se Quiere” and “Hasta Que Te Conocí”.

Juan Gabriel, Juan Gabriel songs, Juan Gabriel best songs

6. “Insensible”

After releasing this music album, Cosas de Enamorados (Love Things) by 1982, female gender from his country and around the world of music listener, was mad about him for all the lyrics, music and the way he profound everything. The king of pop songs, that time became a playboy icon because of the killer look, tremendous music loving and the special style he gives in his every concert and music videos.

7. “Yo no se que me Paso”

A song, not only written by Juan Gabriel, but also produced and performed as well. This song was released by 1986 as the first single from his another great album Pensamientos. It peeked in the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks Chart on September 13, 1986, that lyric represents as the end of love relationship, falling out of love.

8. “Asi Fue”

Juan Gabriel found a sound that was truly from the heaven and just like us, everyone will also agree as he was right to chose this lyric and the music combination to make such a wonderful song. For his soft but soaring voice and the composing of the entire song was the one that still million fans remember.


Juan Gabriel, Juan Gabriel songs, Juan Gabriel best songs

9. “El Destino”

This is the twenty third studio album released by the king of mexican pop singer and songwriter Juan Gabriel with another Spanish performer Rocio Durcal by 1997. After release, this album became the first number one set on the Billboard Top Latin Albums. For the same, the album was awarded ‘Regional Mexican Album of the Year’ by 1998 at Premio Lo Nuestro Award.

10. “Te Lo Pido Por Favor”

Came from his twenty-eighth studio album, released by 2015, one of the album that were consists with 16 songs in total, ”Te Lo Pido Por Favor” is also one of the magic creation of this singer. In this song he featured Luis Fonsi and both of them did a great job.

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