Ksenia Solo, Ksenia Solo awards, Ksenia Solo Orphan Black, Ksenia Solo Black Swan, Black Swan awards

Secrets of Ksenia Solo! Do You Know?

A super successful character, Veronica in Black Swan, Ksenia Solo is a name of a solid performer. Through her amazing body and glamour, she proved as a serious actress in the industry. Her first television appearance started at the age of only ten. It was a Canadian kids series I Was A Sixth Grade Alien. Although at the age of eighteen, she received two Gemini Awards for the 2015 & 2016.

Ksenia Solo, Ksenia Solo awards, Ksenia Solo Orphan Black, Ksenia Solo Black Swan, Black Swan awards

Who is Ksenia Solo?

Born in 8 October, 1987, this Latvian-Canadian actress is famously known for the role of Mackenzie Malikov on Lost Girl. Ksenia Solo was born in Riga, Soviet Union. She started her career at the age of ten with a teen comedy series. Even more the same year Earth, Final Conflict was her another science fiction tv series. After that, this bold actress came at the limelight while she won two Gemini Award within two consecutive year. Both the awards came from her role as Zoey Jones in renegadepress.com. Although for Lost Girl, she again won Gemini Award for Best Performance by 2011.

Personal life of Ksenia Solo

Ksenia Solo and her family moved to Toronto while she was only five. She had the best life back then while she started learning ballet as she got nice body structure. Furthermore, at the age of fourteen, had to reconsider and stop her classes for some back injury. Her mother, also came to acting industry from a former prima ballerina.

Ksenia Solo, Ksenia Solo awards, Ksenia Solo Orphan Black, Ksenia Solo Black Swan, Black Swan awards


In a snapshot of Ksenia Solo:

  • 1987- Born in the Soviet Union
  • 1992- Moved to Toronto with her family
  • 2000- Her TV appearance started with I Was a Sixth Grade Alien
  • 2001- Her movie debut with A Man of Substance
  • 2005- Won Gemini Award for Best Performance on renegadepress.com
  • 2006- Won Gemini Award for Best Performance on renegadepress.com
  • 2011- Won Gemini Award for Best Performance on Lost Girl

Ksenia Solo Awards & Acting Career

Yes, this great actress started her career while millions of teens thinks of only about playing games. Her thinking and planning for upcoming days was clear at an early age. True performance in I Was A Sixth Grade Alien shows the judges about her future. Ksenia Solo bright face and acting skill was something special to be a true actress. With that, as Kathy Simmons, she came to an episode ‘Take no Prisoners’. By 2001, her A Man of Substance a short film gave her a debut chance for film career as well. Even more, she acted for 12 more films and since 2002, she appeared with 19 more TV series.

Only at the age of 18, she became the youngest actress to win Gemini award for two consecutive years. Yes, 2005 & 2006 was her golden years for getting Best Performance in a Children’s or youth Program of series. Again, The Gemini awards came for Ksenia Solo by 2011. She got that for Lost Girl as Best Performance by and actress in a Featured Supporting Role in a Dramatic Series.

Ksenia Solo, Ksenia Solo awards, Ksenia Solo Orphan Black, Ksenia Solo Black Swan, Black Swan awards

Ksenia Solo on Anti-Bullying

Not only a successful actress, but she is also aware about the social activities as well. For the same, she showed her strong presence for anti-bullying campaign. Bullying is something that can be erased by enough presence and know how to ignore. Because it will finish any heart while that was pure like flowers. For the same, she is very active with the anti-bullying foundation and became one of the director as well. Right now, with acting Ksenia Solo is trying to promote about bullying and trying to raise voice for the bad causes of it. Finally in general people will become conscious about it.

Ksenia Solo, Ksenia Solo awards, Ksenia Solo Orphan Black, Ksenia Solo Black Swan, Black Swan awards

Film Appearances of Ksenia Solo:

  • 2001- A Man of Substance as Hannah
  • – My Louisiana Sky as Abby Lynn
  • – What Girls Learn as Girl
  • 2002- Sins of the Father as Lucinda
  • 2003- The Republic of Love as Micheline
  • – Defending our Kids as Kristyn Posey
  • 2006- Love Thy Neighbor as Erin Benson
  • 2010- Black Swan as Veronica
  • 2011- The Factory as Emma
  • 2016- Pet as Holly Garling
  • 2017- Another You as Sydney Jameson
  • – In Search of Fellini as Lucy
  • – Tulipani, Love Honour and a Bicycle as Anna

Television appearances of Ksenia Solo:

  • 2000- I Was a Sixth Grade Alien as Xanthippe for the episode Bride of Pleskit
  • 2000- Earth: Final Conflict as Kathy for the episode of Take No Prisoners
  • 2002- Adventure Inc. as Natalie for the episode of Village of the Lost
  • 2004- Missing as Megan for the episode of Judgement Day
  • 2004-08- renegadepress.com as Zoey Jones for 42 episodes
  • 2005- Kojak as Angela Howard for the episode of All Bets Off Part 1
  • 2007- Cold Case as Lena for the episode Cargo
  • 2008- Moonlight as Bonnie Morrow for the episode Fated to Pretend
  • 2009- Crime Stories as Waitress for the episode The Happy Face Killer
  • 2009- The Cleaner as Callie Bell for the episode Cinderella
  • 2010-11- Life Unexpected as Natasha for 13 episodes
  • 2010-15- Lost Girl as Mackenzie as Main Role
  • 2011- Nikita as Irina for the episode of Alexandra
  • – Locke & Key as Dodge
  • 2012- Lost Girl Finale Pre-Show as herself
  • 2013- Lost Girl ConFAEdential as herself
  • – UPYURUS6 as Kenzi
  • – Lost Girl: An Evening at the Clubhouse as herself
  • 2015- Turn: Washington’s Spies as Peggy Shippen for 20 episodes
  • 2015- Orphan Black as Shay for 6 episodes
  • 2018- Blue Book for the episode Susie

Ksenia Solo Black Swan

In the film, she is acting as a ballet dancer and kind of cruelty was working in her. She will never stop at anything she wants to achieve. All she wants is to be a star that everybody will talk about. As Black Swan, she performed as a ballet dance who is not only great dancer, but dreamer as well. Ksenia Solo Black Swan was a tremendous chance for her to do some dance again. As she started her ballet practice while she was a little girl, almost she did a lot of practice. At the backstage, her practice sessions were telling all other dancers as how serious this actress is. For perfection, she never gave up any chances.

Ksenia Solo, Ksenia Solo awards, Ksenia Solo Orphan Black, Ksenia Solo Black Swan, Black Swan awards

Black Swan awards

A Psychological Horror film, acted as Veronica, Ksenia Solo kept her amazing skill superbly. The film had a budget of only $13 million dollars whereas it earned more than $320 million dollars. Black Swan awards received five academy nominations where Best Director and Best Picture was there. Released by 3 December, 2010.

Ksenia Solo Orphan Black

A very special character, Shay Davydov in Orphan Black, played by Ksenia Solo, was different than any other by her. Ksenia Solo Orphan Black series is a Canadian science fiction thriller series. In the series, she is a holistic healer and meets Cosima which is a clone character. They met with a dating app called Sapphire. Her role started from the fifth episode of season 3 of the series. Therefore Ksenia Solo Orphan Black was on the air, her other two series were playing at the same time.


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