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Secrets of Maitland Ward! Do You Know?


Secrets of Maitland Ward! Do You Know?

A sexy, bold, beautiful, amazing, nude lad, whatever star you want to put on her shoulder, fits her. She is Maitland Ward, very well known for her Boy Meets World series where she was present for 45 episodes. Recent days, for her bold appearance in social media platform, she became an idol for her fans. Mostly, she is doing a lot of body arts to portrait different beauties within her body. If you are lucky, could see her nude walking or running behind you naked.

Maitland Ward is an American model,

Maitland Ward, a name of something bold

She was born in 3 February, 1977 in a beautiful city Long Beach, California. Since childhood she was very optimistic for her winning life. Maitland Ward started her career at the age of only 17 through famous TV series Bold and the Beautiful. Started as a recurring role, Jessica Forrester, worked for 12 episodes. These days, she got huge fans in social media platform like Instagram. Through them, she is giving a message about her sexiness and the beauty she got into her.

An American actress, who once played a key role in Boy Meets World Rachel, on ABC original, stopped her career by 2007. Nominated for Outstanding Female Newcomer and won Best Performance by a Youth actress by 1995. Both of those came for her one of the best acting performance in The Bold and the Beautiful. Also, by 1996 she was again nominated for Best Performance by a Youth Actress in a Daytime Series.

In a snapshot of Maitland Ward:

  • 1977- Born in Long Beach, California
  • 1994- Started her first TV appearance on “The Bold and the Beautiful”
  • 1995- Nominated for Outstanding Female Newcomer for The Bold and the Beautiful
  • 2006- Married with Terry Baxter
  • 2006- Moved to NY with husband Terry
  • 2013- Posted nude photos on her social media accounts like Instagram

Maitland Ward Boy Meets World

We still believe as we will find Rachel in our screen. Just like old days in Boy Meets World, she took the part of Main character as Rachel McGuire and was in 45 episodes. One of her successful short career but for that role, she won million hearts. Maitland Ward starred for this comedy series for three consecutive years. In the series, she had crushes like Eric and Jack who tried to convince her. She showed up from 6th season and to the final season that started from 25 September, 1998 to 5 May, 2000. Maitland Ward Boy Meets World was a hit that time and she got a lot of energy for the future from there.

As Jessica Forrester in The Bold and the Beautiful

She started her career from here. The Bold and the Beautiful was a successful TV series which was granted for a lot of awards. It was a television soap opera that started by 23 March, 1987 and showed more than 7000 episodes. Maitland Ward was in the series for 12 episodes and won numbers of awards for that. Only a junior high school student, won million heart with her special role and found her confidence too.

Maitland Ward Personal life

The lucky man, a real estate agent, Terry Baxter and Maitland Ward married on 21 October, 2006. While having a complete married life, they both moved to New York and lived for two years. She was a student and finished her study on Writing and Screenwriting at NYU. After that, the couple again moved to Los Angeles by spring of 2009 and they are living there.

A lot of times, also seen Maitland with her very close friends making some videos. Those are only available to some adult sites. But, her regular activities with her friends are always at the front page of her social media accounts.

Her life with all those boldness

As she wrote on her Instagram profile as actress, writer, cosplay queen, fashionista, redhead and daredevil. Since last few years, she has been posting and posing for numerous amount of nude photos. Also, she made herself as a painting board to draw any art. By 2013, she posted an amount of her photos which was adult enough and became more famous. Now a days, fans and public are demanding for more from Maitland Ward.

From social media to regular life, everywhere she is posing for those kind of photos and videos. Mostly, cosplay engagement is her favorite. Princess Leia was her first ever cosplay role. Although she attended several comic con events as well. Through her various dress ups and adultness, her photos are getting a thousand like & shares in the internet. Living Art, as she said about her body paint and walking around cities.

Maitland Ward cosplayer life

As a sex symbol, she is happy and said,

“It’s no big deal, just whatever turns you on.”

Yes, a well known actress with all those awards and nominations, turned herself in a nude life. Not only herself, internet is showing her friends as well with doing adult things as three together. It is not shameful, but a choice a Maitland Ward taken to become more famous. From her adult outfit, she made a huge fan base network who regularly ask for more.

“You have been the most fierce and dedicated group of Maitland Wardiors I could ever ask for.”

The above line, that’s what she wrote on her intro on Patreon profile. One can view her total body and pay for those. She is a famous and just enough beauty to earn that much. What do you say?

Her first cosplay outfit was an idea from a photographer. She was working on red carpet that time. Also, she appeared for and as Jessica 6 from Logan Run and Red Sonja too. Comic Con appearances are very new from her and it looks gorgeous.

About her new image, by herself

Through Snapchat, Instagram and Patreon, she made herself a queen of cosplay.

“This page is for all the super fans and supporters who want more exclusive, uninhibited content, and who want to support my work, photos and fun.”

Collected from her Patreon page.

For a lot of time, she made her special body parts open so you can see through. About making money with them, “I could definitely do that, but I feel kind of disingenuous about it”. She added, “I want to be happy, and I want to make my followers happy.” She is now 41 and still made herself gorgeous.  About that she said, “You don’t have to be 22 to be sexy.”

Maitland Ward, knew and also find herself that much sexy and bold as she was before. Very few TV shows, movies and other jobs but still fas recognize her for Boy Meets World. For the same, she said, “I love comedy from childhood.”

Awards & Nominations of Maitland Ward:

Film and Television appearances of Maitland Ward:

  • 1994 – 1966 – The Bold And The Beautiful as Jessica Forrester for the Recurring role (12 episodes)
  • 1997 – Killing Mr.Griffin as Candice Lee for the TV film
  • 1998 – USA High as Tina for the Episode: “Buddies”
  • – Home Improvement as Cristy for the Episode: “The Old College Try”
  • 1998 – 2000 – Boy Meets World as Rachel McGuire for the Main role (45 episodes)
  • 1999 – A Bold Affair as Eleanor
  • 2000- Dish Dogs as  Molly for the Video
  • 2002 – Boston Public as Rachel Newman for the episode “Chapter 43”
  • 2004 – White Chicks As Brittany Wilson
  • 2005 – Out of Practice as Staci for the Episode: “Pilot”
  • 2007 – Rules of Engagement as Dani for Episode: “Young and the Restless”

Her own words about her life:


“I have always really been a nerd at heart. People don’t believe me sometimes, but if you ask my friends growing up, and from school and stuff, they’ll say, “Yeah, she was kind of a geeky nerd.” I loved all of that stuff. I loved all of the comic books. I was a big Wonder Woman fan; that was the first thing that I was obsessed with as a kid. And Star Wars. And getting into the whole Cosplay thing, I would go to Comic-Con for fun and parties, and whatever, but I thought that that part of it [Cosplay] was a really fun part of it. One year I dressed up as Robin from Batman, a girl Robin…”


“I had actually taken a break from acting and I’d gone back to New York and got married. Then this whole Girl Meets World/Boy Meets World phenomenon started happening and got everybody talking about it, so I kind of got back into it again just from all the press. People wanted interviews and pictures and there were appearances. There was all this stuff, but I didn’t want that to be my whole life. I was on a great show, but I just wanted to go in different directions that were fun and different and unusual for me, and since I’ve always loved this, and people never saw this side of me, I wanted to explore it.”- by Maitland Ward


“It does take an incredible amount of courage. I just like to push the boundaries and take risks and shock people. I think that’s part of the fun for me. And you know what, it is kind of a thrill. It’s fun, and it makes people excited to see all the wild adventures I’ll do, and all the posts, because they never know what to expect next. That’s fun for me. I think I’m just naturally a bit of a risk taker, even though people think that I would be some crazy, diva kind of woman, because I’m so bold and stuff, but I’m really not. I’m totally not that person, I love to push the limits. And it’s crazy going to a Comic Con when you’re in nothing.”


“I guess there is a worry, but you know what? I don’t really care. When people do start saying things like, ‘I can’t believe you did that,’ it kind of fuels me more. When an Instagram post gets kicked off because somebody complained, I think, ‘What else can I do to show this person even more that I’m not going to stand down from?’ I think it’s absolutely ridiculous that people in America are so freaked out by any nudity or women being proud of their sexuality. It’s, like, ‘You’re really affected by my boob, but you don’t care about all the other things going on in the world? That is your main concern?’ You’ve got an issue if that’s your problem.”- Maitland Ward


“The first time I did it was on a little lower scale, because I had a photographer who knew this body artist, who I continue to use, but this is a couple of years back; three or four years ago or whatever it was. It wasn’t in a Comic-Con situation or anything like that. It was more of an artistic shoot. The strangest thing is I feel sometimes less of an exhibitionist in the body paint than I do in little bitty clothes.”


“Maybe you’re not having a big enough imagination [laughs]. There are always envelopes out there to be pushed by my hands. You’re pushing it to the limit, but then there’s other ways to do that and that can interest people. Some people go out there and just be naked. I like to have an interesting setup. Also to have it be kind of artistic, and showcase my personality.


I just want it to be an interesting way to do this whole thing. Not just, like, hey, here I am naked. It’s the costumes, it’s the set ups, it’s being really interactive with the audience. I really like to do that and to get their feedback. They’re very vocal. They stick by you through so much. I just get different takes on the same thing. I don’t think it’s needing to go to the farthest limit, but I just like to find new and different and interesting ways to test all sorts of limits.” “I’ve done body paint three years in a row and every year people are shocked. You do have these girls that get body painted and they have the thong and the pasties on. They’re weak. Hey, if you’re going to do it, do a body paint with all paint, no coverage.”


“I just want people to know that I don’t take myself seriously. So I can laugh at myself. I can do something silly. It’s just all a show and a game. It’s not like I live this every second of my day. I’m not out naked constantly all the time everywhere I go. I’m not going to Starbucks to get my latte in a bikini or something. But when it’s show time, I will turn it on for you.”


Film and television
1994-1996 Template:Sortname Jessica Forrester Recurring role
1997 Killing Mr. Griffin Candice Lee TV film
1998 USA High Tina Episode: “Buddies”
1998 Home Improvement Christy Episode: “The Old College Try”
1998-2000 Boy Meets World Rachel McGuire Main role (45 episodes)
1999 A Bold Affair Eleanor
2000 Dish Dogs Molly Video
2002 Boston Public Rachel Newman Episode: “Chapter 43”
2004 White Chicks Brittany Wilson
2005 Out of Practice Staci Episode: “Pilot”
2007 Rules of Engagement Dani Episode: “Young and the Restless”



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