Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Blonde, Elvis Presley

Marilyn Monroe Age Reflects On Numbers, Not On Beauty

A successful actress, a sex symbol, model and a singer. Marilyn Monroe was a complete package of a name which is enough to show proper celebrity image. Marilyn Monroe age was not the problem but its drug overdose that killed her while it was the burning age. Yes, she was only 36 years old while she left this beautiful world.

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Blonde, Elvis Presley

As we all know as Marilyn Monroe was the great actress and the heartbreaker, who got that level of popularity. Only Elvis Presley got that level of emotion where everyone was crying for the departure of this actress. Thousands of books were written, millions of pages are on web and billions of heart still remember her. Marilyn Monroe age was a perfect one when the celebrities thinks about golden future. They make a true way of spending their every year for a potential line forwarding. Mostly her private life full of frustration and highly publicized marriages, gave her lot of bad effect.

Her surroundings while at birth

Marilyn Monroe real name Norma Jeane Mortenson, born in Los Angeles, California. Marilyn Monroe age was only length for 36 years, from June 01, 1926 to August 5, 1962. Within that period, she earned all fame any celebrity could ever dream of.

“When I was five I think, that’s when I started wanting to be an actress. I loved to play. Also she said, “I didn’t like the world around me because it was kind of grim, but i loved to play house. It was like you could make your own boundaries”. -she said to a magazine in 1962.

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Blonde, Elvis Presley

She was enough happy and well grown at her childhood. Her parents, Gladys Pearl Baker and John Newton Baker.

Marilyn Monroe age and life in a snapshot

1926 – She was born

About it was 1930’s:

  • 1934 – Her mother was diagnosed with Paranoid Schizophrenia for mental breakdown.
  • 1935 – Marilyn was placed in a Orphans home in Hollywood
  • 1936 – Grace became legal guardian of Marilyn Monroe
  • 1938 – Monroe started living with the aunt of Grace

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Blonde, Elvis Presley

While it was 40’s:

  • 1942 – She got married with factory worker James Jim at the age of 16
  • 1943 – Her first husband moved to Catalina Island and she also went there
  • 1944 – Jim was shipped out to pacific and she came back to her parents
  • -First met with photographer David Conover, who was trying to capture some female workers photo
  • 1945 – Conover called her and she started working with him for photo shooting
  • 1946 – While Marilyn Monroe age was only 20, she appeared in 33 different magazine covers
  • -Through the agency owner, Snively she got a acting contract in June
  • – Divorce came to her door place as Jim was against her acting career
  • 1947 – The acting contract was renewed and she started acting for two films, Dangerous Years and Scudda Hoo! Scudda Hay!
  • 1948 – Fox executive, Joseph tried and signed her a contract with Columbia Pictures through his friend and head executive.
  • 1949 – Posed nude for Tom Kelley to take perfect photos for different covers
  • Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Blonde, Elvis Presley

Best after 1950’s:

  • 1950 – Joseph was able to sign her a new contract with 20th Century Fox for seven years
  • 1951 – Became a presenter at the 23rd Academy Awards
  • –  Full-length profile came on her in national magazine Collier’s
  • 1952 – Top Billed actress was only Marilyn Monroe and was named in a different ways through different magazines
  • – All of her nude photos taken by 1949 came through as calendar features
  • – Appeared in two successful drams, Fritz Lang’s Clash by Night and thriller Don’t bother to knock
  • 1953 – Best moment of starring three movies and got the sex symbol & most bankable performer fame
  • – When Marilyn Monroe age was only 27, she won Fastest Rising Star award from Photoplay
  • 1954 – The Fox studio suspended her from any more acting under their banner
  • – Married with DiMaggio, which was her second time
  • – Applied for divorce after nine months for second time
  • 1955 – Moved to Manhattan, New York for taking some special classes and courses on acting
  • 1956 – Won Golden Globe Awards as Best Actress
  • – Miller and at Marilyn Monroe age of 30, they got married and it was her third time
  • – Converted to Judaism
  • – Officially changed her name as Marilyn Monroe
  • 1957 – Pregnancy happened and she had to terminate that for career
  • 1959 – First time acted for a musical comedy Let’s Make Love
  • 1961 – Filed for a divorce with Miller
  • – Again moved to California after surgery and bad health condition
  • 1962 – She died

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Blonde, Elvis Presley

Her final moments

Though Marilyn Monroe age was only 36, but still she earned enough name and fame than any other hollywood celebrities that time. Became a millionaire, had more movies on hand than any other actress and has public face. In a word, she was and still is a complete sex symbol in celebrity names. It was August 5, 1962 when she died for overdose of drugs. The Los Angeles police department investigated and said as it was a suicide. Everybody thought for a huge fame and on the other hand her disturbed life took her life. While she act, did it like a professional, giving interview like a master piece. Also she was passing every day, week, month and year was full of mystery and stories you can imagine. Passing her all life, she was something for every individual, a teacher, wife, friend or a sex partner.

Still, while it comes as one of the best sex symbol and true actress attitude, we all know her, but Marilyn Monroe age was only 36 when she left us and gave us a lot. if you want to Maika Monroe Biography you can visit



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