Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Marilyn Monroe husbands, Marilyn Monroe children, Marilyn Monroe daughter

Marilyn Monroe Daughter, Is It True or a False Hope?

No way, is it real? Throughout the entire lifetime of a lot of celebrities, secrets are always hiding around. Like the same, Marilyn Monroe daughter is an another rumor that came few years before. A true beauty and sex symbol, Marilyn was a bombshell for the acting and modeling industry. Data shows, she was married for three times and also had a lot of controversy.

Marilyn Monroe daughter is in real?

As far we know, she was pregnant and she refused to carry the baby. End of 1957, she became pregnant while staying with her third husband. They together bought an eighteenth century farm house in Roxbury, Connecticut & spent a summer vacation in Long Island. The same period, she supposed to get pregnant and also carry that. Marilyn Monroe daughter might have a face that time if the adult life disease will not catch her. Gynecological problems were affecting her entire body that was causing by endometriosis. So she had to miscarriage the baby and spent her life without any children.

Marilyn Monroe husbands

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Marilyn Monroe husbands, Marilyn Monroe children, Marilyn Monroe daughter

With first husband, James Dougherty

At the age of only 16, she had to marry a man age of 21. James Dougherty, a factory worker and her neighbor, was a young guy and they married at 19 June, 1942. For the marriage, she was dropping out of high school and had to become a housewife. For that, she said about the relationship as, ‘marriage didn’t make me sad, but it didn’t make me happy’. They were hardly spoke with each other and didn’t got anything to share. So, there was no chance as Marilyn Monroe children would be legal from this couple. They moved to Catalina Island by 1943 when Jim enlisted in the Merchant Marine.

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Marilyn Monroe husbands, Marilyn Monroe children, Marilyn Monroe daughter

DiMaggio, her second husband

They were married at San Francisco City Hall by January 14, 1954. Before their marriage, it was a public rumor as they will become a couple very soon. Few days later marriage, they went to Japan and followed some business purpose by Maggio. Yet spending some good time together, this happy life stayed for only nine months. Marilyn Monroe husbands are always under pressure of her beauty and it became true again. After hiring a very popular attorney, Jerry Giesler, she filed divorce from DiMaggio. Another truth is, Marilyn Monroe daughter didn’t came from this married life as well.

Arthur Miller, a good man

By March 1956, she officially changed her name. Although among Marilyn Monroe husbands, Arthur Miller was the only person who had the relationship for most time. For five years, from 1956 to 1961, he proved himself as the most caring husband. They married by 29 June, 1956 at White Plains, New York. Also had a Jewish ceremony at Millers agent’s house. Within this relationship, Marilyn were pregnant one time but for her bad physical condition, miscarried. Still Marilyn Monroe daughter was a hidden secret among the fans and everyone. After five years, by January 1961, they filed for a quick divorce in Mexico.

Real secrecy about her daughter

Gladys Baker Morris, age of 56 who is living in Southern California. After a long journey as she said and openly forwarded the message as she is Marilyn Monroe daughter. She also claimed as her mother and former US President John F Kennedy had a relationship. Through them, she born and she is the only child of Marilyn.

What is her history?

She is believing as the first cousin of Marilyn was her birth mother. As she said about how she knew about her birth was:

“Your real mother is Marilyn Monroe. She was afraid that the Kennedy brothers would have her and you killed if they found out about her pregnancy.”- her birth mother said.

Meredith Baker, first cousin of Marilyn, was sick by 2014 and told her everything. Told by herself as Marilyn Monroe daughter, Baker never thought of anything else as she said it was true always. After giving the true message, her birth mother died. But not only with the message, but Baker said as her eyes, lips and smile all looks like Marilyn.

She insisted as she found all her documents like birth certificate, that shows as she is the one. After a lot of searches and also proper reasoning, her age also said about the fact. Marilyn’s Gynecologist, once documented as Marilyn had a daughter that born by 1962. WIth that information, Baker is one step forward as she got same birth year.

If Baker is Marilyn Monroe daughter finally?

Marilyn Monroe, Marilyn Monroe age, Sex Symbol, Marilyn Monroe husbands, Marilyn Monroe children, Marilyn Monroe daughter

Yes, she is waiting for a good result from DNA test. If it will be positive, then the world will get Marilyn Monroe daughter as well as new member of Kennedy family. From her end, she always believed it is true and clear. All we want is just to wait for the response of DNA test team. But all we know so far, any of Marilyn Monroe husbands never claimed as they got a child from Marilyn.



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