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Who is Phoebe Cates?

Phoebe Belle Kline (née Cates; July 16, 1963), known professionally as Phoebe Cates, is an American film actress, singer, former model and an entrepreneur also. She is known primarily for her roles in several 1980s films, most notably Fast Times at Ridgemont High and Gremlins that gave her a lot of fame. She was born on July 16, 1963 in New York City, USA and raised there. She is the daughter of Lily and Joseph Cates, who was a Broadway producer and television pioneer at that time. Her uncle was director/producer Gilbert Cates. Phoebe is of Russian Jewish, and one quarter Chinese, descent. Since her ‘retirement’ from films, she and her movie star husband, Kevin Kline, divide their time between their country estate in upstate New York and their luxury penthouse in Manhattan’s tony upper east side. When not only supporting her husband’s continuing fine stage and film work, she also fills her time attending openings and benefits and her favorite choice of doing, hosting dinner parties and ‘dishing the dirt’ with her celebrity friends.Phoebe Cates

Personal Life:

Cates was born in New York City, to a family of television and Broadway production in herself since childhood. She is the daughter of Lily and Joseph Cates (originally “Joseph Katz”), who was a major Broadway producer and a pioneering figure in television that time and who helped create The $64,000 Question, which was a well-known game show from 1955-1958. Her late uncle, Gilbert Cates, produced numerous television shows and specials, often in partnership with Cates’s father, as well as several annual Academy Awards shows. Her father and maternal grandmother were of Russian Jewish descent, and her maternal grandfather was Chinese-Filipino and her mother was born in Shanghai, China.

Cates attended the Hewitt School at childhood, the Professional Children’s School, and the Juilliard School. When she was only 10 years old, she wanted to become a great dancer. She eventually got a scholarship to the School of American Ballet, but after suffering a serious knee injury at age 15, she gave up her dancing career as of thought the injury might become severe. She next began a career as a professional model, which was short-lived but ended up with a successful star. Cates, however, did not like the industry and mentioned later in an interview: “It was just the same thing, over and over. After a while, I did it solely for the money.” She was featured in high-profile magazines like Seventeen, Elle, and British Vogue. Also, she appeared on the cover of Seventeen Magazine at the age of 15 with braces in her teeth. It was her first big modeling job ever, so she told the magazine that she would have her braces taken off before she shot her cover, but they insisted that she keep them and they took the best shot with her all beauties.

In the early 1980s, she shared an apartment in Greenwich Village with her that time boyfriend Stavros Merjos. She first met with Stavros in 1979, when she went out to her first night in Studio 54 with one of her family friend Andy Warhol.

In 1983, during her audition for a role in The Big Chill, Cates met actor Kevin Kline (her husband) for the first time and became romantically involved with him despite a 16-year age gap, which happened as love at first sight. In 1989, the couple got married and she changed her name to Phoebe Cates Kline showing her height of love for her husband. The Klines later moved to Cates’ native New York City with their two children, son Owen Joseph Kline (born 1991) and daughter Greta Simone Kline (born 1994).

In 2005, Cates opened her own boutique, called Blue Tree that sells jewelry, clothing, antiques, perfume, candles, art, photography, books, vintage LPs, and stuffed animals, on New York’s Madison Avenue. She stated, “I always wanted to have a general store.” Cates also said that some of her customers tell her that she looks like Phoebe Cates, and that she responds to them by saying, “I get that a lot.”

In a snapshot:

  • 1963 -Born in New York City, NY, U.S.
  • 1982- First Film released, “Paradise”
  • 1982- Another Film Fast Times at Ridgemont High that got the best bikini drop of all time cinema history
  • 1989- Married to Kevin Kline
  • 1991- First son Owen Joseph Kline born
  • 1994- Daughter Greta Simone Kline born
  • 1994- Retired from acting to raise her children
  • 2001- Returned to act in only one film The Anniversary Party
  • 2005- Cates opened her own boutique, called Blue Tree


After ending her modeling career, she found something interactive within the camera and herself, so Cates decided to begin acting. Although her father was an actor as well, he was not enthusiastic about his daughter’s new acting career as he already knew about that sector. First film she acted was at age 17 in Paradise, written and directed by Stuart Gillard. The original music score was composed by Paul Hoffert with the theme song written and produced by Joel Diamond and L. Russell Brown and sung by Phoebe Cates (filmed March to May 1981). She also sang the film’s main theme song and recorded an album of the same name as Paradise. In a 1982 interview, she recalled having trouble with the change of career, because as a model, she had to be conscious of the camera, whereas in front of the movie camera, she could not.] Cates later regretted being in the movie and said, “What I learned was never to do a movie like that again.” According to her co-star of the movie Willie Aames, “She will have nothing to do with the film. She’s really upset about it. She won’t do any promotion with me.”

Later in 1982, Cates starred in her next movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which features what Rolling Stone described as “the most memorable bikini-drop in cinema history.”  The film was the directorial debut of Amy Heckerling and chronicles a school year in the lives of freshmen Stacy Hamilton (Jennifer Jason Leigh) and Mark Ratner (Brian Backer), and their respective older friends Linda Barrett (Phoebe Cates) and Mike Damone (Robert Romanus), both of whom believe themselves wiser in the ways of romance than their younger counterparts that time. Cates quoted as saying that she had the most fun in filming that movie at that time and enjoyed her every moment. The following year, she was in the comedy Private School, which co-starred Matthew Modine and Betsy Russell, and for which she sang on two songs of the film’s soundtrack, “Just One Touch” and “How Do I Let You Know”.

Television appearances:

  • 1982- Paradise, as role of Sarah
  • 1982- Fast Times at Ridgemont High as role of Linda
  • 1983- Private School as role of Ramsey
  • 1983- Baby Sister as role of Annie
  • 1984- Lace as role of Elizabeth
  • 1984- Gremlins as role of Kate
  • 1985- Lace 2 as role of Elizabeth
  • 1987- Date with an Angel as role of Patricia
  • 1988- Bright lights, Big city as role of Amanda
  • 1989- Shag as role of Carson
  • 1989- Heart of Dixie as role of Aiken
  • 1990- I Love you to Death as role of Joyes girl at disco
  • 1990- Gremlins 2 a role of Kate
  • 1991- Drop Dead Fred as role of Elizabeth
  • 1993- Bodies as role of Carol
  • 1994- Princess Caraboo as role of Mary Baker
  • 2001- The Anniversary Party as role of Sophia

Cates and Kline made an agreement after they got married, that once they had kids they’d alternate their schedules from parties, movies and all other social works: one of them would work while the other would stay home with the kids. But whenever it was Cates turn, the projects she was offered didn’t seem to her as justify leaving home for weeks or months at a time and not taking care of her kids, so she turned them all down.

Her stylish life these days

Cates hasn’t totally turned her back on the entertainment industry like the way we thought. She’s been spotted on the red carpet of big events with her husband Kevin Kline almost every time now and on. As an example, Cates attended the 2017 Tony Awards, where her husband won for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading Role in a Play for Present Laughter. Cates also participate in reunions and retrospectives—in 2015, she attended an event at the Anthology Film Archives honoring Dick Miller, her co-star in Gremlins. Cates, Miller, and Zack Galligan also participated in a Q&A part to talk about several things. Cates spoke about how she’s still proud of the practical effects in everyday life used in the Gremlins movies, which she prefers over today’s CGI-driven trickery, lamenting, “Movies aren’t really made that way anymore.”

What else is she doing these days?

Cates’ only son Owen has juvenile (also called type 1) diabetes. Once seeing its effects firsthand, she’s devoted a lot of time, effort, and money toward fundraising efforts to find a cure for the metabolic disease and to cure her only son from it, which affects more than a million Americans and many more millions around the world. Among the organizations Cates supports is the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation, which puts on benefits like Rock the Cure and the Promise Ball to raise money for research project.

Lessons from her life

As she said, “If the film, play or any project I’m involved in requires some sort of violence or nudity to advance the plot, scene or character in any way, then I would be considered unprofessional not to oblige. Of course, I want to make sure — and I think I always have — that the scenes are shot in good taste. I try to have some control; now that I know what I’m capable of including in a contract, I can continue that control. Nudity is not something I necessarily want to avoid and yet it’s not the most fun thing in the world to do. It’s part of the job as far as I’m concerned because you bare yourself emotionally and that’s just as terrifying as baring yourself physically. It’s all part of acting.”

She was that much serious about her acting since day one and also took a very good care of her career so now a days again she is getting plots and getting support from all over whatever she is trying to do.

One of the best knowledge we can get from her is not only to choose the career of our self, we should also think about our surroundings, our family and the time we are spending with good ones. We will share our good thoughts on all these & will get the positive and the real juice out from her life. What you guys think about that? Don’t forget to share…

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