You Better Know These Facts

You Better Know These Facts

Phoebe Cates

Phoebe Cates

  • She opened her own boutique, called Blue Tree by 2005 that sells jewelry, clothing, antiques, perfume, candles, art, photography, books, vintage LPs, and stuffed animals, on New York’s Madison Avenue.
  • 1982, she starred in a movie, Fast Times at Ridgemont High, which features what Rolling Stone described as “the most memorable bikini-drop in cinema history.”  

Ashley Johnson

  • She is a former Jr. Michigan
  • She loves to snowboard and surf and she is an avid gun shooter.
  • She is Swedish, English, and Native American.

Rebecca Romijn

  • One of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People, that announced by 1997.
  • 2007- Ranked #30 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 of 2007 list.
  • At the age of 16 in her first job in her hometown Berkeley, she worked at a gourmet poultry store cutting up dead chickens to earn money.
  • Still shops at thrift stores to save money.

Theo James

  • He was working as a Bartender, lifeguard and working for the National Health Service
  • He can play guitar, harmonica, saxophone and piano also.
  • 2009- Screen International named him as Star of Tomorrow

Katie McGrath

  • 2015- She acted in the blockbuster movie “Jurassic World”
  • 2017- Another hit movie released acted by her “King Arthur: Legend of the Sword”
  • She is a big fan of Harrison Ford and Nathan Fillion.
  • She is a big fan of the Transformers franchise and its movies.

Jessica Henwick

  • She love to play piano competitively as a child.
  • “[Game of Thrones] was so massive for me in terms of my career and building my profile and as an experience in itself, I wanted to return. [A GoT producer explained] ‘it’s really important that you come back otherwise your character will just disappear.’- while she was coming back to GOT from Ironfest.
  • She is a member of the National Youth Theatre of Great Britain. Previous members  of this institution include Daniel Day-Lewis, Dame Helen Mirren, Ed Westwick and Orlando Bloom.

Lea Thompson

  • Danced in more than 45 ballets with the American Ballet and the American Ballet Theatre.
  • It took approximately four hours to apply the makeup that would make her and co-stars Crispin Glover and Thomas F. Wilson appear to be middle-aged adults in Back to the Future movie which was a super hit that time (1985).
  • ‘Don’t tell anyone you’re a dancer.’ There’s an old saw in theater: ‘Dancers can’t act.'”-People and audience said about to skip dancing and adopting acting in her life.

Lori Loughlin

  • 1982- Won Best Young Actress for The Edge Night.
  • Grew up in Hauppauge, Long Island but born in Queens, Long Island.
  • 2006- Won PRISM Awards for Best Performance in a Drama Series Storyline, Summerland.
  • Became a print model at the age of 11 to start her career as an actress.

Juan Gabriel

  • 1971- His first hit song name “No Tengo Dinero
  • He was a six-time Grammy nominee, was inducted into the Billboard Latin Music Hall of Fame, and received several awards, including ASCAP Songwriter of the Year and Latin Recording Academy Person of the Year which was very valuable for him.
  • He never married but got six childrens.
  • Wrote his first song when he was 13, and went on to compose within his lifetime more than 1,500 songs.

Alan Tudyk

  • Smokey and the Bandit is his favorite movie that released in 1977.
  • His last name is pronounced  as “too-dick”.
  • He lives in New York City but also has a place in Los Angeles, California.
  • Tudyk voices as a  Marine in the Xbox 360 game Halo 3.
  • He arranged a we-don’t-work-for-Fox-anymore party for the cast and crew of the short-lived TV series Firefly (2002) after he heard that it was canceled and they will no more make any more series.

Matthew Gray Gubler

  • In October 2011, an original watercolor by Gubler entitled “Mushface” was sold at auction site eBay for a total of $10,100. Gubler donated the proceeds to the Smith Center for the Performing Arts in Las Vegas for upcoming arts people.
  • Hosts his own awards ceremony at Criminal Minds (2005) called the “Goobie Awards”, where he presents awards to the crew for such categories as Best Facial Hair and Craziest Accent.
  • He never wears any matching socks, as he says that they are bad luck for him, which he learned from his grandmother.

Calista Flockhart

  • 1998- One of People Magazine’s 50 Most Beautiful People
  • 1998- Won Golden Globe Award for Best Actress for Ally McBeal (Best Actress)
  • 2001- Adopted baby boy named Liam Flockhart
  • She had a dog named Webster. He was her best friend until the dog died.
  • Harrison Ford proposed to Flockhart over Valentine’s Day weekend in 2009 and the first met on 2002. After that, they were married on June 15, 2010, in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Bernie Mac

  • Started his career in a stand-up comedy in 1977. His first professional comedy gig was at The Cotton Club in Chicago.
  • Is seen getting a pedicure in both Ocean’s Twelve (2004) and Bad Santa (2003) movie.
  • He has never appeared in a Best Picture Oscar-nominated film.

Kaitlyn Dever

  • 2016- Gave her voice for video game “Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End”
  • She plays guitar and sing when she is not busy with school and acting.
  • She’s always against of bullying.

Emily Wickersham

  • She has Appeared in total Six Films.
  • She is Popular with colleagues at work
  • Unlike most Hollywood marriages where you will find love in window doors only, this couple (Blake Hanley as her husband) still in love with each other and there is no sign of them getting separated divorced anytime soon.

Olga Kurylenko

  • 2018- Her latest movie is coming on Johnny English Strikes Again
  • She can speak in Russian, Spanish, Italian, English, and French fluently.
  • One of her hit movie as she played role, Quantum of Solace (2008), opened worldwide on her 29th birthday (November 14).
  • She had Audition for the role of Wonder Woman in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) but lost to Gal Gadot.

Lucas Till

  • 2018- Nominated for 20th Teen Choice Awards for Macgyver as Choice TV Actor: Action
  • Favorite bands: Rammstein, Flogging Molly, and System of a Down.
  • Spent 3 weeks in Germany as an exchange student and a member of the German Honor Society.
  • Roles in some X-Men franchise films like as X-Men: First Class, X-Men:Days of Future Past, Apocalypse

Seth Rollins

  • She was ranked #10 in 2010 and #21 in 2009 in “The Annual Independent Critics List of the 100 Most Beautiful Famous Faces From Around the World.”
  • She always likes rose flavored drinks and any dessert.
  • She had a dream of her own flower shop, surrounding by flowers all the day.

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